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Residential / Commercial / Vacation Rentals

We've got all your leasing needs covered from residential and commercial properties to vacation rentals and everything in between. We provide all management and maintenance / repair functions necessary for the continued profitable operation of your investment property. We are 100% committed to personalized service, attention to detail and superior quality.  We are 100% committed to finding the best tenants, and maintaining your property as if it were our own.  Our Property Management Staff are friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to you and your property.  Bottom-Line...our company will fill your vacancy with a quality tenant FAST.

       "Peace of Mind Guarantee".  

  • If any Tenant leaves or quits paying rent before the end of their lease, we'll find you another Tenant at no charge.

  • If any repair we performed on your property is not correct the first time, we'll make it right and you won't be charged again. 

Property management

Do you have a property that you're thinking about Renting?

Get ready, you'll need to become a.....

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Leasing Agent
  • Landlord
  • Bill Collector
  • Handy Man
  • After Hours Repair Man
  • Eviction Lawyer
  • Cleaning Service
  • ​Available 24/7

Here's how it works......

First you'll need a Tenant.  So you'll market your property -- That means you'll become a Marketing Specialist.

Then there is proper screening, background checks, credit report checks, verify income, verify identity, check previous rental history, check references....and if all looks good, you'll draw up a Lease Agreement.

So now you become a Leasing Agent and then a Landlord.  

If the Tenant doesn't pay on time you'll become a Bill Collector.

Of, course, you'll become a Handy Man and an After Hours Repair Man when that toilet breaks.

When it turns out that the Tenant wasn't completely honest on the rental application you'll have to issue an Eviction Notice.

When the disgruntled Tenant finally leaves, you become a Cleaning Service to bring the property back to move-in condition.  And of course, it will need a municipal occupancy permit and inspection.

All -- so you can start over again to fill the vacancy you're left with.  We can HELP!  

With over 20 years of experience in property management we are well prepared to protect your investment and deliver good quality tenants so you can enjoy the many benefits of investment property.  Most property management companies charge large percentages of your rent rolls and add service fees to your repair and maintenance bills.  Not us!  We will never add additional charges to your required property maintenance and you will never over-pay for repairs.  We will be there to show your property to potential tenants, meet with municipal inspectors and make sure all maintenance and repairs are finished correctly, on time and within budget.  We are the most affordable property management company around charging a small, very affordable fee.  We will never-ever charge you a high monthly percentage fee like the other guys do.

Our Fee:

  • One Months Rent.  Paid at the time when we find you a quality renter and sign the Rental Agreement.
  • Only pay for new Tenants never existing Tenants.  You can cancel your contract with us at anytime.
  • Get a free no obligation detailed proposal on how we can help you fill your rentals with quality tenants.

 We Guarantee It!  



​​Take a moment and contact us for your property management proposal that details how we can help you take the hassles out of owning investment property.  

Professional Property Management Services

24 / 7   Professional  Property  Maintenance  and  Repair Services

Property Management / Property Maintenance

Get a Free No Obligation Detailed Proposal on How We Can Help You!

Our Promise

While the majority of our clients use our services for both Property Management and Property Maintenance and Repair, we do offer each as an individual service.  Some clients already have a tenant occupying the rental property or they may choose to self manage their property and only require our affordable professional Property Maintenance and Repair services.  

No Maintenance and Repair Markup - Most property maintenance companies markup repairs and maintenance bill by 15-30%.                        

We never markup maintenance and repairs on your home or investment properties.  We receive volume discount rates from our vendors           which are passed along to you.  


The following is a breakdown of some of the Property Maintenance and Repair services offered.  

Additional maintenance and repair services available that can be tailored to your specific needs....

Tenant / Owner Repair Reporting Services 

We offer 24 Hour Emergency Response Service - 7 days a week.

Tenants and Owners can report maintenance and repair issues anytime

 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year by using any one of our

 easy contact reporting options:

  • website,
  • email,
  • texting,
  • telephone.

Municipality Occupancy Inspections for Permits

  • We can help get property ready to be put on the market for sale or lease.
  • We examine properties prior to the housing inspectors inspection by using the municipal and county "Property Maintenance Code Checklist".
  • We coordinate with the respective municipality and schedule any necessary municipal inspections.  
  • We handle any required repairs and schedule the re-inspection with the municipal inspector.

Move-Out / Move-In Inspections

  • We work closely with leasing agents and owners to keep vacancy times as short as possible.​       
  • Move-In condition report to be used as a comparison for Move-Out Report
  • We will meet the Tenant at the property to conduct a Move-Out Inspection, collect keys, and secure the property.   After the Tenant move out, we will prepare a itemized report of deductions and required repairs for you to determine  the return of any security deposits.
  • Schedule general cleaning including appliances.
  • General repairs to make property "occupancy ready".

General Property Maintenance and Remodeling

We offer outstanding customer service.  Our client list includes homeowner associations, condominium associations, apartment complexes, single and multi-family units.Our experienced team can meet the needs of any type of property or any size of property.  The property owner or property manager must approve all repairs before the maintenance crew is dispatched.  We are able to handle a wide variety of repairs including painting, plumbing, electrical and all repairs top to bottom to give the property owner and agent piece of mind.  All repairs are guaranteed to be repaired right the first time or we will make it right at no additional charge.  Property owners are only billed for maintenance items that have been completed. 

Our experienced remodeling crew will accomplish all of your remodeling needs.  We can handle a wide range of interior and exterior projects on time and on budget.  Because we are able to provide such a broad range of services, we can save you time and save you money.

Preventive and Routine Maintenance

This is one of our most popular services.  We will work with you to establish preventive and routine maintenance tailored to each property.  

  • Routine hall and stairway cleaning.
  • Routine lawn care, leaf removal and snow removal.
  • Replace common area light bulbs as needed.
  • Replace common area smoke detector batteries twice a year or as needed.
  • HVAC preventive maintenance performed on all units in spring (A/C) and fall (Heat).
  • General pest control sprays performed twice a year (spring / fall).  Additional pest control performed as needed.
  • Monthly inspections are conducted to landscaping, exterior and common area paint, tuckpointing, gutters, screens, general conditions.     Any items found to be in need of attention or repair will be brought to the property owners attention and will be addressed in a timely manner.


  • Lawn Cutting
  • Leaf Removal 
  • Yard Cleanup
  • Planting 
  • Mulching
  • Trimming
  • Tree Trimming / Removal
  • Fertilizing

Snow Removal

We provide complete peace of mind snow removal services: [Image result for leaf raking sketch]

  • Plowing,
  • Salting,
  • Shoveling.

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